How Many Pounds of Potato Salad for 100 People?


The amount of potato salad you?ll need to serve a dinner party of one hundred (100) adults depends on a few things. To start, figure out how many other side dishes you?ll be serving. If you?re serving many other side dishes, fifteen to twenty pounds of potato sale is a safe guess for a group of one hundred. If you have fewer sides, or the potato salad is the lone side dish, then figure on twenty-five to thirty pounds of the salad or approximately a quarter pound or more serving per person.
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The normal serving is considered to be 4 ounces. 25 pounds would feed 100 people. If they are hungry you may want to go a bit more than that. It takes about 5-6 potatoes to feed 4
There are about 8 lbs of potato salad in one gallon. ChaCha!
Don't make too much potato salad, especially if there are going to be many different dishes for the meal. Most people will only eat one portion. Figure one regular potato to a person
Hi Nicole, Please extend my warm birthday wishes to your boyfriend! I hope he takes the big 3-0 better than I did! All joking aside, this is a "math" question and most
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