How Many Pounds of Potato Salad for 100 People?


The amount of potato salad you?ll need to serve a dinner party of one hundred (100) adults depends on a few things. To start, figure out how many other side dishes you?ll be serving. If you?re serving many other side dishes, fifteen to twenty pounds of potato sale is a safe guess for a group of one hundred. If you have fewer sides, or the potato salad is the lone side dish, then figure on twenty-five to thirty pounds of the salad or approximately a quarter pound or more serving per person.
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The easiest way to figure out how much potato salad for 100 people is to look at the amount of servings your recipe makes and then increase it until it is for 100 people. Say your
It can be 2 to 3 bags of potatoes as an estimation.
There are about 8 lbs of potato salad in one gallon. ChaCha!
Don't make too much potato salad, especially if there are going to be many different dishes for the meal. Most people will only eat one portion. Figure one regular potato to a person
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It will take about 24 pounds of potato salad to feed 100 people. Start by cooking 24 pounds of potatoes. A crock pot is an easy way to cook your potatoes. Once ...
When serving 100 people potato salad, the recommended amount of potatoes is 30 pounds. Depending on your guest list you can increase or decrease the amount to ...
I used to work for a catering company and they believed that 1 pound of potato salad served approximately 4 people. If you are serving 40 people, you will need ...
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