How Many Presidents Did Not have a Vice President?


There were four presidents that did not have a vice president. John Tyler (1841 - 1845), Millard Fillmore (1850 - 1853), Andrew Johnson (1865 - 1869), and Chester Arthur (1881 - 1885),
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There are 14. [1] John Adams (VP to Washington, Thomas Jefferson was his VP) Thomas Jefferson (VP to John Adams, Aaron Burr was his VP) Martin Van Buren (VP to Andrew Jackson, Richard
There will be only 1.
George H. W. Bush served 8 years as VP under Reagan.
he had 6 funerals.
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Believe it or not, there were actually 18 separate periods of time in history when President went without a Vice President. The reason for most instances was due to a death or either a President or Vice President.
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According to the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, if the vice president of the United States dies while the president is still in office, the president has ...
The Vice Presidents only constitutional responsibility is to be the President of the US Senate and be the tie breaking vote if the Senate is ever in a deadlock. ...
Basically the vice president can serve up to eight years consecutively, along the president he is serving with. He is also eligible to run for the office of President ...
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