How many prisoners escape from jail each year?


In 1998, 6,530 people escaped from state prisons in the United States. As of 2014, this is the most recent year for which prison escape statistics are available. The total state prison population is approximately 1.1 million inmates.

According to the Bureau of Justice, the number of prison escapees decreased from 1993 to 1998, with more than 14,305 inmates escaping from American state prisons in 1993. That was nearly 2 percent of the total state prison population at the time.

Most prison escapees merely walk away from minimum security facilities or prison work crews. In the vast majority of cases, authorities recapture these inmates. In 1993, for example, of the 14,307 prisoners who escaped, 13,346 were recaptured.

Only one federal prisoner out of a total population of 115,000 escaped in 1999, and he was recaptured.

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