How Many Processors Does a Mainframe Computer Have?


Mainframes are powerful computers used mainly by large organizations for critical applications. The numbers of processors depend on the type of mainframe.
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In true mainframe computers (those descended or based on the IBM 360 series) there is but a single central processing unit. However, a mainframe is not designed in the same way that
A mainframe computer is a traditional enterprise-wide computer of great power and cost. It uses the client server model of computing where the mainframe does all the computing while
Although mainframe computers today do not consume anywhere near the amount of electricity that their vacuum-tube ancestors consumed, they still require a good deal of power for multiple
There are many advantages for Mainframe than the today's technologies like Reliable Servicability Security Availabilty Scalabilty It is compatible with C/C++, COBOL, JAVA/J2EE, Assembler
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