How many protons and neutrons does boron-11 have?


Boron-11 is a chemical element that has five protons and six electrons. It is an uncommon element that is rarely found in the Earth's crust or atmosphere.

Boron-11 is produced in the universe through naturally occurring nuclear fission and nucleosynthesis called cosmic ray spallation. To discover the amount of protons and neutrons in boron-11, one must look at its atomic number and atomic mass. Boron-11's atomic number is five, which means it always has five protons. To discover how many electrons boron-11 has, one should subtract the amount of known protons from its atomic mass of 11. The remainder, six, represents the electrons present in the chemical element.

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All isotopes of the same element will have the same number of protons. Two particles with different numbers of protons will inevitably be different elements. The atomic number of
Calculate the number of electrons by using the atomic
Boron 11 is one of two stable isotopes of Boron. and in natural samples about 80-81% of the element is Boron-11 and 19-20% is Boron-10. Boron-10 has 5 protons 5 neutrons and 5 electrons
Boron-11 has 5 protons and 6 neutrons,because it is boron,it has 5 protons,and the mass is 11,so the number of neutrons is 11-5=6.
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