How Many Protons Does Aluminum Have?


Aluminum has 13 protons. Aluminum also has 13 electrons. By having the protons and the electrons balanced it make the elements of the aluminum unable to be electrically charged.
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Element Properties in the Periodic Table When looking at an element in the periodic table, there are two numbers: the atomic number, which is found at the top, and the atomic weight
This aluminum atom will have 13 electronswhen it is neutral. Recall, however, that aluminum wants to loan out electrons in chemical bonds, and the bonded atoms of aluminum can have
Hydrogen (H) has one proton.
Germanium (Ge) has 32 protons. The number of protons in an element is the same as the atomic number.
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The metal, aluminum, represented by the symbol Al on the periodic table, has the atomic number 13. It has 13 protons/electrons and 14 neutrons.
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