How Many Pumpkins Does One Vine Produce?


Pumpkin plants are vigorous vines that can grow as long as 30 feet. One pumpkin plant can produce between one and five pumpkins and some even up to a dozen.
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1. Monitor the pumpkin patch for disease. Bacterial wilt causes one pumpkin leaf to wilt, followed by other leaves and then the vines. It is spread by the larvae of cucumber beetles
It depends on how much you choose to grow it. Some have gone as long as 30 feet.
pumpkin vine: a coarse vine widely cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin and numerous seeds
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How many pumpkins grow from one seed will vary, but each seed can produce ten to fifteen pumpkins. Pumpkin seeds should be planted in areas that have full sun ...
The total pounds of pumpkins produced in 2004 was 1,021,900,000 pounds. Illinois produced the most with 457,200,000 pounds and California was second with 140,400,000 ...
2.19998 million pounds ( they just had that on ...
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