How Many Quarters Are in a Basketball Game?


In a professional game of basketball there are four quarters. Each quarter is timed for 12 minutes. Keep in mind the quarters can go over the 12 minutes if time out or fouls are made.
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Quarters Four, that's why they are called 'quarters.'
A basketball game (NBA) is technically only 48 minutes. However, with half-time, timeouts, fouls and close games, a basketball game is actually around 2 1/2 hours.
There are 4 quarters in NBA basketball. The time per quarter
1. Set up the with one player on each side of the table. One player starts on offense, have him put the quarter right in front of him directly on the edge of the table. 2. The player
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There are four quarters in a NBA basketball game. For college basketball, they do not break into quarters, but play two halfs. ...
College basketball games are not divided into quarters. They are divided into 2 halves, unlike the NBA which has 4 quarters. ...
Basketball quarters range in length from either 10 minutes long, or 12 minutes long when dealing with professional basketball games. The standard length of a basketball ...
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