How many quarters weigh 100 grams?


It doesn't take many quarters to equal the weight of 100 grams. Each quarter weighs around 5.67 grams to start with. Many studies have shown that around 18 quarters weigh between 100 and 102 grams.
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Prior to 1965 quarters were made out of silver. These days, however, they are made of a mixture of copper and nickel, and weigh 5.670 grams.
According to U.S. Code: Title 31, Section 5112 (Money and Finance) Sec. 5112, Denominations, specifications, and design of coins: The Official weight of U.S. coins: (1) a half dollar
A quarter should weigh 7 grams.
Quarter dated 1964 & earlier weigh 6.25 g. Modern copper nickel quarters 1965 & later weigh 5.67 g.
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