How Many Rainforests Are Left in the World?


Rainforests can be found all over the world from as far north as Alaska and Canada to Latin America, Asia and Africa. Rainforests are found on every continent across the Earth, except Antarctica. Originally, 6 million square miles of tropical rainforest existed worldwide. But as a result of deforestation, only 2.6 million square miles remain. There are about 46,000 rainforests in the world.
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There are around 46,000. And i know this because i am clever, And your not because you are asking me!
It's difficult to determine an exact number of animals in the rainforest. However, the rainforest is home to more than half of the worlds animals. Between birds, mammals, reptiles
I couldn't find the number of rainforests in the world. Due to defo...
The global distribution of tropical rain forests can be broken up into four biogeographical realms based roughly on four forested continental regions. Ask Us!
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Rainforests are host to many species of plants and animals.They are of two types; the temperate rainforests and the tropical rainforests.These forests are found in Africa, Asia and in Latin America .
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