How Many Records Did Elvis Make?

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1. Get to know Elvis's gold records, such as "King Creole" or "Elvis is Back! These records were among the King's best-selling releases and may cost a little more than
Of his own recordings he was most proud of his Gospel Albums. Out of the Gospel Albums his favorite would have been Peace In The Valley not only for it's sales but because he was
Elvis Presley was signed with two labels throughout his career: Sun and RCA Victor.'s-re...
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Elvis Presley recorded 74 albums before his death which occurred on August 16, 1977. This number also includes the album Elvis in Concert, which was released posthumously but was a project with which Elvis was involved before his death. Since his death, 77 more Presley album compilations have been released.
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It is believed that Elvis was able to sell over 1 billion records across the globe. If this is true, then Elvis has sold more records than any other artist in ...
Elvis Presley is believed to have sold approximately one billion records. He and John Lennon have both accumulated more than posthumous chart toppers. One can ...
Elvis Presley was married to one wife named Priscilla Presley with whom he had a daughter named Lisa Marie Presley. He had, however, moved in with Linda Thompson ...
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