How Many Religions Are There?


According to, there are 19 world religions which are further sub divided into 240 large religious groups. The largest of these is Christianity with about 2,039 million members. For further information regarding this, go to
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Religion is a belief in a higher power such as a god. There are many types of religions such as Catholic, Christians, Mormons, Lutheran, Hinduism, Buddhists and so much more. Atheism
Religions affect society in many ways, the degree to which it does is often dependent on which society you are speaking about. Generally speaking though, religion affects society
Muslims practice their religion just like everyone else; they attend a church and pray to their god. Typically, their prayers require a lot of kneeling and bowing.
Egypt is a country that doesn't have much religious diversity at all. The official religion of this country in North Africa is Islam and the language Arabic.
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It is impossible to know how many religions there are in Reading because there are many various definitions of what a religion is. There are numerous groups represented ...
There are three countries in Britain; England, Wales and Scotland, thus Britain is a multi-faith society where everyone has the right to religious freedom. According ...
There are very many, long established, major world religions with over three million followers each. The religions include; Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Baha'i ...
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