How Many Rhinos Are Left in the World?


The illegal poaching of rhinos has increased many fold in the past 4-5 years driven by the demand Asia. Estimates vary, but by one estimate there are less than 28,000 rhinos left in the world. An estimated 550 rhinos were killed illegally in 2012.
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There are five different species of Rhinoceros: White Rhinoceros: 17,480 (Near Threatened) Black Rhinoceros: 2,140 (Critically Endangered) Javan Rhinoceros: 100 (Critically Endangered
There are now fewer than 11,000 wild rhinos left in the world (during the late
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In 2006, it was reported that there were only four white rhinos left in the world. In 2012, it now reported that the white rhinos may be extincted as they have ...
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