How Many Rooms Were on the Titanic?


The Titanic had a total of 643 rooms: 214 first class, 207 second class and 222 third-class. It was a luxury passenger liner that went to its early demise after hitting and iceberg on the 14th April, 1912.
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The Titanic consisted of 643 rooms totally, out of which 214 in the first class, 207 in the second class and 222 in the third classThe Titanic consisted of 643 rooms totally, out
There were 840 rooms on the Titanic. 416 First Class rooms, 162 Second Class rooms, and 262
The number of people who survived the 1912 Titanic sinking is estimated at around 700 of the original 2,228 on board. A total of 337 passengers were in first class, 285 in second
0 because it only went up to third class.
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Titanic Ship has a total of 840 rooms; 416 of them are first-class rooms designed for wealthy occupants. Those who occupies the first class rooms pain $4,350 or   870 Euros which today is comparative to $100,000. First class rooms are built with special areas like wardrobe rooms and private bathrooms.         
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