How Many Rounds Does a Desert Eagle Hold?


How many rounds a desert eagle will hold depends on the caliber of the round. A desert eagle will hold 7 rounds of .50 AE ammunition. It will hold 9 rounds of .357 ammunition.
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Depends on caliber, .357 is 9 (1+8), .44 is 8 (1+7), and the big one, .50 caliber, is 8 (1+7). Kicks.
1. The ASP was a custom handgun designed by Paris Theodor, and is a 7 shot 9mm pistol, desined for concealed carry, based on the S&W Model 39. 2. The ASP is a collapsable striking
The desert Eagle has an amazing speed of approx 300 feet per second.
The M2 .50-caliber machine gun has a cyclic rate of fire in the automatic mode of
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