How Many Rounds Does a Desert Eagle Hold?


How many rounds a desert eagle will hold depends on the caliber of the round. A desert eagle will hold 7 rounds of .50 AE ammunition. It will hold 9 rounds of .357 ammunition.
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The Desert Eagle feeds from detachable box magazines - it does not use clips. Magazine capacity varies by calibre. The .50 Action Express and .440 Cor-Bon models use seven round magazines
1. Hold the gun's grip tightly. There is a easy way to hold this and it is: Using your left hand to pull the grip while the other hand to push it making it's recoil less powerful.
A 50 caliber Desert Eagle holds 7 in the clip and 1 in the
There are no information regarding how many rounds it can fire for a lifetime. Desert Eagle is a large caliber gas-operated semi-automatic pistol!
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