How Many Rows of Seats Are There in Fenway Park?


Fenway Park is a baseball stadium in Boston, Massachusetts, and home to the Boston Red Sox. The park open in 1912 and has had many renovations and expansions over time. It currently has over 37,000 seats. Rows of seating vary depending on the different sections.
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From my countless hours of walking around fenway park analyzing how many seats there are in each row i have come to the conclusion that there is 192 seats in a row.
Section 26, row 4 is right in line with the 3rd baseline
1. Decide what part of the stadium you wish to sit in and how much you are willing to pay for those seats; the most expensive seats will be atop the Green Monster and the field boxes
- Facts About the Poles at Fenway - How many: 26. How wide: 16" Where: In Grandstand sections 1 through 33, although there are no pole obstructions in sections 19 & 21. Seats
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