How Many Satellites Does the Sun Have?


The number of satellites that revolve around the Sun remains unknown. There are hundreds of large, named satellites (planets, asteroids, comets) and countless small satellites, most of them the size of a grain of sand.
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there are. none. the sun has no moons.
A satellite with remote sensors, orbiting 860 km (one-seventh of the earth's radius) above the earth. The satellite is thereby virtually fixed in relation to the sun. Any location
Short answer is that it gives the most capabilities for intelligence purposes (read: spying). This question has a couple parts and I'll try to answer them all. Why polar orbit?
sun is a star, it doesn't have satellites. only planets can have satellites.
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The sun is a huge, glowing ball that provides light, heat, and other energy to our Earth. It is not known how many satellites the sun has. But what is known is that there are eight planets and their moons, tens of thousands of asteroids, and trillions of comets revolve around the sun. One of these is our earth, orbiting the sun at an average distance of about 92,960,000 miles (149,600,000 kilometers).
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