How Many Scoops of Ice Cream in a Gallon?


The number of scoops of ice cream in a gallon would depend on the size of the scoop. On average, there are around 96 scoops per gallon of ice cream.
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32 Scoops.
Scoop size is determined by how many level scoops a particular scoop can make out of a quart of ice cream. The standard size is a #24. This gives you 24 level scoops per quart. With
Fill a cup with very warm water, but not warmer than you can stand to hold, the scoop will become too hot to hold. Use an aluminum ice cream scoop, preferably the non-spring handle
How many can be served with a gallon of ice cream will depend on how much each person wants. If each per gets one scoops from a standard size scoop it will between 8 and 10 servings
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Depending on the size of their size, you should be able to get about 37 scoops of ice cream from a gallon container. That is enough for 37 cones (16 if you are a double scooper), 12 banana splits, or 16 root beer floats.
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