How Many Seasons of Dragonball Z Are There?


Dragonball Z has 9 seasons. The seasons include: Season 1- Vegeta Saga; Season 2- Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas; Season 3- Frieza Saga; Season 4- Garlic Jr., Trunks and Android Sagas; Season 5- Imperfect Cell and Perfect Cell Sagas; Season 6- Cell Games Saga; Season 7- Great Saiyaman and World Tournmaent Sagas; Season 8- Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas; and Season 9- Fusion and Kid Buu Sagas. The story of these anime is written by Akira Toriyama.
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there are only nine seasons.
Broly was in season 17 of Dragonball Z. He was the legendary super saiyan. !
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9 seasons. Season 1: Saiyan Saga. Season 2: Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas. Season 3: Frieza Saga. Season 4: Garlic Junior, Trunks, and Android Sagas. Season 5: Imperfect Cell and
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