How Many Seats Does a Standard 747 Jumbo Jet Have?


A Boeing 747 comes in various variants with different seating capacities, where the 747-100 has a maximum seating capacity of 550 passengers. The 747-200 can carry a maximum load of 498 passengers while the 747-300 can fit in 600 passengers. The 747-400 can carry a maximum 452 passengers.
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There are 420 seats on the standard 747 jumbo jet. The president's 747 has three
The average 747 jumbo jet has 358 seats.
The empty weight of the first 747-100 was 358,000 pounds, and its maximum takeoff weight was 735,000 pounds. The empty weight of the 747-400 is 393,200 pounds, and its maximum takeoff
The thrust given by each of the engine is 5999N.Therefore, the total thrust by 4 engines =5999*4=23996N forward. The graviational force on the jumbo = 6999*g N vertically down .Therefore
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