How Many Servings in a Sheet Cake?


The number of servings in a sheet cake depends on the size of the slices that are cut. A full sheet cake cut into 2x2 squares will make about 100 servings. A half sheet will serve about 50 people and a quarter sheet will serve about 25.
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1. Lay a ruler or a tape measure next to the cake along one of the longer sides of the cake. 2. Make small cuts along the side of the cake at 1 1/2-inch intervals. These cuts do not
About 16. For a serving size of a 2"x2" piece. Full Sheet: approx. 96. 1/2 Sheet: approx. 49. 1/4 Sheet: approx. 24. For a serving size of a 2"x3" piece. Full
A half sheet cake is ideal for 30 to 40 people.
1. Mix the ingredients together in a small (cereal size) bowl. Ad. 2. Spray a separate bowl with cooking spray, and poor mixture into sprayed bowl. 3. Microwave approximately 90 seconds
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A Quarter Sheet Cake Serves approximately 15-20 people on the higher side depending on the size of pieces one has cut. Its dimensions are 9 by 13 inches ...
The number of people a sheet cake will feed depends on the size of the sheet cake. A 1/4 sheet cake will serve 12-28 people. A 1/2 size will serve 18-40. A full ...
To find the number of people a sheet cake will feed, you divide the area of the cake by the serving area (multiply width x height to find the area). Sheet cakes ...
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