How Many Sets Should I Do for Each Muscle?


The number of sets that should be done for each muscle is 2-4 sets. If you are training your whole body in one exercise session then choose 1-2 exercises for each muscle group and perform 1-3 sets of each exercise.  This should be done in twenty to sixty minutes.
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1. Drop sets are exactly what they sound like. You start at one weight then drop to a lesser weight and continue to exercise, then drop the weight even lower and finish the exercise
Low-intensity isometric contractions performed against little to no resistance.
Colleges do have a "majors quota" when it comes to admissions officers granting acceptances to new students. You can't really run a full fledged university if your entire
jeez! no one should even have to tell you that 20sets is too much. do the math. how much frikkin' time do you want to spend at the gym?
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