How Many Sheets of Paper Can You Send with 1 First Class Stamp?


How many sheets of paper you can send with a first class stamp will depend on the weight of the paper. Currently, the price of a first class stamp is 44 cents. You can send up to one ounce before needing additional postage.
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I put .96 cents on a wedding invitation i sent to France. But a wedding envelope is bigger than a regular letter envelope.
How many sheets of paper can you put into a regular size 10 envelope before you have to pay additional postage to a first class
As many as it takes to weigh less than one ounce. 4-5 sheets. The envelope will count as 1 sheet.
My goodness, if you are sending sheets or any other kind of bed linens along with a letter to Germany, one would think you would probably be better off by weighing the packet and
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Taking into account the weight of the envelope, mailing label and stamp approximately 5 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper can be mailed first class with a single stamp. ...
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