How Many Ships Were in the First Fleet?


There were eleven Ships in the First Fleet. They left Britain for Australia in 1787 and were made of the Charlotte, the Scarborough, the Alexander and the Lady Penrhyn. Others include the Friendship, the Prince of Wales, the Fishbourn, the Sirius, the HMS Supply, Golden Grove and the Borrowdale.
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There were 11 ships in the First Fleet which transported convicts to Australia. They were: HMS Sirius - the flagship HMS Supply - the supply ship The Borrowdale - storeship The Fishburn
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There are disagreements about how many ships actually sank in pearl harbor. Of the 25 ships damaged only 5 or 6 actually sank. Since it was in shallow water most of them didn't stay
A fleet (noun) is a group of warships organized as a tactical unit. A group can refer
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If you are referring to the First Fleet of ships that departed from Great Britain in the late 1700's, there were 48 reported total deaths. There were also 28 births ...
The first fleet came to Australia because they were ordered to by the English. The 'first fleet' was actually the term coined for the first 11 ships. ...
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