How Many Shots of Vodka Does It Take to Get Drunk?


The number of shots of vodka it takes for one to get drunk varies. In most cases, the determining factors are weight, height as well as the level of alcohol tolerance. A person with an average weight and height would require about 6 shots to get drunk.
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This varies between different people, some can get drunk from2-3 shots and some can drink over a bottle and still not be drunk.
The amount of shots of vodka it takes to get drunk depends on the weight of
Pour your vodka into a shot glass. Chilling the vodka beforehand makes the liquor go down a little smoother, just make sure there are no pieces of ice floating around in it. Hold
It does, weight, tolerance, and age really have a ot to do with it. A larger person who drinks a lot can drink more but a larger person who does not drink can't drink as much. Weight
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