How Many Shrimp Equals One Serving?


How many shrimp will equal one serving depends upon the size of the shrimp. About seven jumbo shrimp equal one serving. About 15 mini-shrimp equal one serving.
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Shrimp are a type of crustacean seafood that is consumed worldwide and they can be found in fresh or salt water. Shrimp are creatures that have a soft shell, are filter feeders, and they live mainly at the bottom of a body of water. When preparing shrimp, the head, tail, and 'sand vein' are removed, although the tail is sometimes left attached for presentation. Shrimp comes in many sizes, so the number of shrimp per serving can vary. Generally speaking, a serving size is around 4oz.
4 ounces of shrimp equals one serving. I have found that this means about 7 jumbo shrimp or about 12-15 for popcorn shrimp. Either way quite a few pieces of shrimp!
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One portion or one serving of shrimp is usually about 3 ounces. Shrimp are great steamed, grilled and fried!
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