How Many Siblings Did Abraham Lincoln have?


Abraham Lincoln had 1 sibling that lived, named Sarah Grigsby, that was born in 1807, and 1 sibling that died when they were a baby, named Thomas Lincoln, that was born in 1812.
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Abraham Lincoln had two brothers, Thomas and Dennis, and a sister, Sarah.
President Lincoln had two siblings an older sister named Sarah who died in 1828. He has a younger brother named Thomas who died as a baby in 1812. His father remarried after his mother died and he had four step siblings, two boys and two girls.
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Abraham Lincoln had an older sister named Sarah (Sarah Lincoln Grigsby) who died in childbirth (February 10, 1807 - January 20, 1828) He had a younger brother, Thomas Jr. who died
Abraham Lincoln had an older sister named Sarah and a younger brother, Thomas Jr., who died.
Abraham Lincoln had an older sister named Sarah, who died in childbirth, and a
Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1861. He was our 16th president. Lincoln was the United States president until he was assassinated in 1865. He is a great president to do
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Abraham Lincoln one living sister who was older than he but died at the age of 21 while giving birth to a child. He had a younger brother that didn't live past ...
President Abraham Lincoln only had one younger brother who was named Tom. Tom Lincoln died while he was still an infant. Lincoln also had an older sister who was ...
The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln had four sons. The boys names were, Robert Todd, Edward, Willie and Tad ...
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