How Many Sick Days Are You Legally Entitled to?


Sick leave in the UK is a benefit offered to employees at the sole discretion of the employer. However, this discretion is subject to Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994. The law requires the employer to provide the employee with terms and conditions relating to sickness or injury within two months upon employment.
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This is a matter of policy for each employer or negotiation between employer and employee or union, so that there is no generally applicable answer.
Most employers aren't required to provide workers with paid
standards on the rights of sick journalists? I find it hard to believe anyone can be so incredibly over entitled. You are ENTITLED to NOTHING. Read your employers policies to see
It depends on your compay. The first 4 days of sickness are not paid. You would need a doctors certificate for 11 days (you can self certify up to 7 days). Then the company will pay
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