How Many Sides Does a Decagon Have?


A dodecagon is a ten sided figure. It has ten interior angles. A regular decagon has all sides of equal length and each internal angle equal to 144°.
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A dodecagon is any polygon with twelve sides and twelve angles. It usually refers to a regular dodecagon, having all sides of equal length and all angles equal to 150°. Its Schläfli symbol is 12. This article will explain about the 12 sided polygon called as the Dodecagon. This is one of the regular polygons and is named because of the 12 sides it has. There are regular and non regular 12 sides.
A decagon has ten sides. A decagon is a figure made up of ten joining line segments which is also known as a polygon. 1440 degrees is the sum of the angles in decagon. You can find more information here:
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A decagon is any polygon with ten sides and ten angles. In decagon, there are 10 sides, therefore, number of diagonals of decagon = 10(10-3)/2 = 10X7/2 = 5X7 = ...
A decagon is a ten sided polygon that has ten angles. It also has ten lines of symmetry. The decagon has one line of symmetry for each of its ten sides. ...
You can only draw 7 diagonals from each vertex of a decagon. You can find the number of diagonals from each vertex by subtracting 3 from the number of sides. ...
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