How Many Sides Does a Parallelogram Have?


The parallelogram which is an irregular shape has four sides. It has 2 pairs of equal sides and 2 pairs of equal angles. The opposite sides of a parallelogram are parallel and it does not have any line of symmetry.
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1. Divide the shape's area by its base's length to calculate its height. If, for instance, the parallelogram measures 10 square inches in area, and its base measures 4 inches in length
Any size square, rectangle, or rhombus.
Adjacent sides (ones next to each other) of a parallelogram are
Draw your parallelogram. Now DAB = 82 degrees. the angle on teh same line as it must be 180-82 = 98 degrees. Now becaseuse the lines are parallel ADC is also 98, dcb is 82 teh angle
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A parallelogram is a shape that has two pairs of parallel sides and a total of 4 sides. They do not usually have lines of symmetry. However, a square, rhombus ...
A hexagon is not a parallelogram. The requirement for a parallelogram is that it has four quadrilateral sides. A hexagon has six sides. ...
Yes, a trapezoid is a parallelogram. It has four sides and the opposite sides are of equal length. A square is also a parallelogram, as is a rectangle. ...
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