How Many Sides Does a Trapezoid Have?


A trapezoid has four sides. It has two bases and two legs. Trapezoid is a term used in the United States, but outside the U.S. it's called a trapezium.
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A trapezoid has four sides, with two of the sides being parallel to each other. The sides do not have to be the same length, but two of them must be parallel in order to be considered a trapezoid.
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A trapezoid is, by definition, a quadrilateral with two parallel sides. So, it needs to have 4 sides and two sides need to be parallel. ...
Yes, a trapezoid is a parallelogram. It has four sides and the opposite sides are of equal length. A square is also a parallelogram, as is a rectangle. ...
Some characteristics of a trapezoid include that they are quadrilaterals, two of the four sides are paralleled, and two of the four sides that are not paralleled ...
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