How Many Sit UPS Do You Have to Do in a Day to Lose 15 Pounds?


It has been my experience having been in the military, that in order to lose 15 pounds, one may wish to do approx. 100 sit ups a day, everyday (taking two days off a week). Situps should be conducted but care should be placed on the use of the back, so as not to damage the muscles of the back. There are also other exercises that one may complete to lose weight such as running, pushups and resistance training.
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It's almost impossible to lose 15 pounds in three days-and if you do, it won't be permanent fat loss; it will be water weight. However, if you are retaining a significant amount of
you should do 3000. 1000 is one pound.
About the only way you would be able to lose 15 pounds in one day is to
You need some general education. I don't understand how anyone could like this. It doesn't work that way.
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