How Many Situps Does It Take to Burn 100 Calories?


10 sit up will burn 100 calories
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It depends on how tall you are and how much weight to get an exact
Probably 80 or so.
You burn about 4.5 calories per minute doing situps. If you time how long it takes you to do them than you can use this calculator. It is not the best way to burn calories but it's
If you have 10 minutes to spare. Jog around the block. Jump rope quickly. Run for 10 minutes. Do bicycle exercises . If you have 15 minutes to spare. Swim laps around the pool. Hit
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It takes 780 jumping jacks to burn 100 calories. You can also burn 100 calories by hula-hooping for 22 minutes. ...
The time it takes to burn 100 calories depends upon the activity that is being performed in order to burn these calories. Activities that require a lot of moving ...
How many calories you will burn doing 100 jumping jacks will depend on your weight and the intensity of the jumping jacks. If you do 100 jumping jacks in 3 minutes ...
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