How Many Slices Are in a 16 Inch Pizza?


A 16 inch pizza usually has between 8 to 10 slices. This depends on where the pizza came from and how small they slice the pizza.
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A 16 inch pizza is only 8
It depends on where you get the pizza. At Hungry Howies Pizza the XL pizza is 16" and has 10 slices. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:44AM EST
It definitely matters what toppings you have on the pizza of course, but this tends to be a general way to start looking at the calories. Starting with a THIN crust pizza the calories
128 slices.
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There are eight slices in a 14-inch pizza. According to Pizza Hut, a top pizza chain, one slice is 1/8 of a standard 14-inch large pizza. This number is subject ...
Domino's extra large pies are 16 inches in size. Typically these are cut into ten equal pieces. It can be requested that these are cut down into smaller pieces. ...
The amount of slices in a large pizza will vary depending on where it is ordered from. Most places will give about six or eight slices in a large pizza. Some places ...
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