How Many Soldiers Died in the Vietnam War?


An average 58,148 soldiers were killed in Vietnam during the American invasion of Vietnam in the late 60’s. Over 304,000 soldiers were badly wounded out of 2.59 million who served in the war. It is important to note that although this is the figure reported, many soldiers simply disappeared during and after the war.
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By bullets primarily; 7.62mm from SKS, AK47s, and RPD machineguns. Rocket, artillery, mortar, grenade, and anti-personnel mine shrapnel secondly.
The official number of fatalities of the Vietnam War as of October 2009 is 58,159. That is the number of soldiers that are memorialized on the Vietnam Wall. Some of the names represent
58,226 American soldiers and 1.5 million Vietnamese soldiers died in the
Estimates vary but the US puts the number of NVA and VC killed at about. 1.1 million. The current Vietnamese government puts out
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The number of American Soldiers who died in the Vietnam War was 58,220. Of this, 47,434 were killed in direct combat while 10,786 died as a result of other battle ...
The Vietnam War occurred from 1959 to 1975. Americans fought in Vietnam as South Vietnam's allies. Drug use by soldiers in Vietnam increased dramatically. ...
Soldiers returning from Vietnam refer to the soldiers who came back after going to Vietnam. The number of soldiers who died in Vietnam war was 58,159. ...
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