How Many Songs Are There in the World?


It is impossible to count how many songs there are in the world. There have been songs being sung since the beginning of time.
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No one knows the answer to the question. Based on Church rolls there are some two billion. There can be many more or there can be less.
alot so dont even ask.
623,162,727. That is as of 1/5/2011. *Note that a new song is produced every 2 minutes.
The amount of songs that any iPod will be able to hold is going to vary due to file size variations. The 4 GB nano, however, will typically hold around 1000 songs.
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No one has ever tallied up all the songs in the world. However, the total songs in the world probably registers in the billions. Humans have used music and songs to express themselves for thousand of years.
In my experience, there are probably millions or even billions of songs in the world. If you were to could all the songs of old, new, hits, or even what people have written then there would be to many to count.
That is a loaded question. As of January 2011, there are 623,162,727. It is said that a song is written every two minutes. So based on this caculatation, the estimated number of songs that should be in existence is 623524325 songs as of today.
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