How Many Space Shuttles Have Been Launched?


Six shuttles have been launched by NASA: Atlantis, Columbia, Discovery, Challenger, Endeavour, and Enterprise. The last shuttle flight was on July 8, 2011.
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As of July of 2012, one hundred and twenty-five space shuttles have been launched. There are numerous types of shuttles that have been launched. There also have been launches for several reasons.
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The last space shuttle launch depends on when you are asking. They launch rockets and shuttles out of both NASA bases fairly regularly. If you want to know when a launch has happened
A controlled explosion of chemicals is required in order to get the space shuttle into space. If these chemicals are combined incorrectly or with the wrong recipe, they could set
August 12th, 1981 - July 8th 2011.
112 flights, including:28 Columbia (exploded 2003)10 Challenger
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There have been only 6 space shuttles. The shuttle program is set to end in 2010 after it completes 134 launches. The names of the shuttles are: Columbia, Discovery ...
Around five percent of astronauts that go into space have died during the launch. The only two space shuttles to have ever exploded are the Challenger on January ...
As of November, 2011, there have been a total of 135 space shuttle missions. The most recent mission was launched form the Atlantis space station on July 8, 2011 ...
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