How many spaces should you use for an indent?


An indentation is to be one-half inch, which equates to approximately five spaces. However, technically speaking, an indentation is governed by its measurement and not by a space count.

The primary reasons spaces technically are not the primary measurement of an indentation rests on the fact that spaces slightly vary in size depending upon the font setting at a particular time. Spaces adjust to some degree to accommodate font size. With a smaller font size, the number of spaces, and fractions of spaces, needed to reach the one-half inch mark increases. Similarly, the space ratio declines when a font size increases.

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That is the rule for APA format to indent 5 spaces or 1/2 inch.
1. Put your cursor in front of the paragraph you want to edit. Click on format and scroll down to paragraph. Click on the indent and spacing tab. If you want to indent, under indent
A style-guide, if already implicitly in place, is rarely altered. We could assume that the two-space rule was already in place at google before the style-guide was formalized. My
If you or using MicrosoftWord, you need to go to click on. Format in the pull down menus, then choose paragraph. For indent choose Special, First Line, or just push tab and. the begining
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