How Many Species of Dolphins Are There?


There are 33 different marine dolphins, 4 different river dolphins and 6 types of porpoises. Bottlenose dolphin and Killer Whale are both marine dolphins.
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There are nearly 40 species of dolphin, including the bottlenose dolphin and the Chinese white dolphin.
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There are 32 different dolphin species and 2 closely related families. There are the white whales and river dolphins. The most familiar type of dolphin is the Bottlenose. The largest
Identification Dolphins are in the order cetacea and members of the delphinidae and platanistoidea families . There are 36 different species of dolphins. Types While most dolphins
There is the Bottle-Nosed Dolphin, the Boto Dolphin, the Hourglass Dolphin, and more!
There are 32 different dolphin species. There are also two closely related
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There are a total of 32 species of oceanic dolphins, 5 species of river dolphins and 6 species of porpoise dolphins in the world. The dolphin can live up to 55 ...
The exact population of dolphins worldwide is not known. There are 33 species of dolphins if the families of whales and river dolphins are not included. One species ...
There are 45 types of dolphins or species of dolphins. Some of these dolphins live in the oceans while the others live in rivers. The bottlenose dolphins is the ...
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