How Many Species of Owls Are There?


There are between 109 to 222 different species of owls. Owls are found almost every where on Earth except for Antarctica and Greenland.
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There are over 130 kinds of owls worldwide and 18 to 19 species living in North America, depending on whether screech owls are divided into two separate species or counted as one
In the US alone, there are 16 species of owl. Around the world there are believed to be between 220 and 225 known species of owls. All are primarily nocturnal hunters with few exceptions
There are over 200 extant species of owls. Thanks for using
1. Identify an owl by the shape of his head. Note if the owl has tufts or a round head. The Great Horned Owl has tufts on his head while a Snowy Owl has a round, smooth head. 2. Notice
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