How many square feet does a bundle of shingles cover?


According to builder Mike Guertin in a Fine Homebuilding article, a bundle of roofing shingles contains approximately 33 square feet of shingles. Shingles are sold by the bundle or the square. A square of shingles covers approximately 100 square feet.

Shingle bundles are designed for one person to carry, while a square of shingles requires two or more people to carry. Bundles are wrapped in either plastic or paper. Generally, a square of shingles contains three bundles of three-tab strip shingles; however, heavier shingles may require four or more bundles to make up a square. A bundle of standard shingles contains approximately 29 standard shingles.

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3 bundles per square (a square is 100 Sq. ft. 18 sq. in 1800 sq. ft. so 3x18=54. Add a few bundles for the starter course and the ridge cap. No way to figure these here without knowing
Is the roof 1700 sq. ft., or is the house? If it's the house, then the pitch and overhang are needed to answer your question. If that's the measurement of the roof itself, it depends
If you tell us the size of the shingles and
This website lists sizes as follows: Sizing Rule of Thumb for most areas except coastal is: Up to 400 square feet: 25 or 30 pint. Up to 800 square feet: 40 pint. Up to 1000 square
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Depending on the weight of the shingles being used, a bundle of shingles covers between 20 and 33.33 square feet. The most commonly used bundle covers 33.33 square ...
How many bundles of shingles you need depends on the area of your roof. You can buy shingles in either bundles or squares. A square will cover 100 square feet. ...
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