How many BTUs per square feet do you need for your furnace?


The amount of BTUs per square feet needed depends on where you live. It ranges between 35 and 60 BTUs, but you can use a sizing chart to tell you how many you will need. You can find out more information here:
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1. Determine the quality of your home's insulation as either high or low. If your home is new or you know that it is well insulated, rate it as high. If you live in an older home,
48,000 input or output? If 48K is the input to an 80% efficient furnace, than the output would only be 38,400. It also depends on where the house is located, because 48K will heat
19,600 to 28,000 BTU on Propane and 18,750's-shou...
Thats not much information. Assuming that there is adequate insulation, 18000 btu would be fine. Source(s): 20 years plus experiance
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You will first need to figure out the square feet of the home you are needing to heat. Then you can pick the kind of furnace you need for your home.
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