How many square feet are in a bundle of shingles?


There are approximately 33.33 square feet in a bundle of standard composite shingles. A square is a 10-foot by 10-foot area and requires three bundles of shingles for coverage.

Before placing shingles on a roof, roofers determine the total area to be covered and divide by 100, the area of a square, to determine the total number of bundles needed to complete the job. The number of square feet in a bundle is printed on the paper or plastic packaging that covers the bundle. There are 29 standard shingles in a bundle. There are 19 sheets in a bundle of rake starter shingles.

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Before you start your project, you need to calculate the size of the roof you intend to cover. The square footage of a roof is normally measured in "squares" of 100 feet
3 bundles covers 100 SF so you would need 45 bundles to cover 1500 SF. That is figuring 3 tab shingles. If you are using architectural you will need 4 bundles per square.
One square will cover 100 sq. ft. There are normally 3
How many square feet are there in my figure. In a square length(L) squared sq feet. In a rectangle it is width (W) times L sq feet. In a circle there are Pi times the radius squared
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How Many Square Feet in a Bundle of Shingles?
When shingling a roof, it is important to know how big (in square footage) your roof is and how much material you will need to do the job.... More »
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The most common amount of bundles in a square of shingles is 3. It will just depend on how heavy the shingles are. A square of shingles is the amount needed to ...
A squarenof shingle will cover 100 square feet of root. Since a square requires threenbundles, one bundle of shingle covers about 33 square feet roof. ...
Shingles are used when roofing a house. How many shingles come in a bundle varies depending on the shingle. Most shingles come with three bundles in a square. ...
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