How Many Square Feet in a Mansion?


There are at least 8,000 square feet in a mansion. This definition has been determined by United States real estate brokers.
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It all depends on the zip code. In new york city and other densely populated cities 5000+ is considered a "mansion" . However in the suburbs or larger cities on the outskirts
Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site, located in Hyde Park, New
Hugh Hefner's house sits in S. Mapleton Drive, Los Angeles and has a massive 7,318 square feet area.
1. Measure the length and width of the area where you are trying to determine the square feet. You follow the same process for measuring square feet of a wall, except you measure
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There is no set amount amount of how many rooms does a mansion have. A home needs to be at least 8000 square feet to be considered a mansion. I have seen mansions ...
The number of square feet in a lot would depend on how big the lot was. Usually a lot is around 50 x 100 so that would make the lot 5,000 square feet. To calculate ...
A basketball court for the NBA and college basketball is 4,700 square feet. They are 50 feet wide and 94 feet long. ...
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