How Many Square Feet in an Lot?


The number of square feet in a lot would depend on how big the lot was. Usually a lot is around 50 x 100 so that would make the lot 5,000 square feet. To calculate square feet you just multiply the length times the width.
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How many square feet are there in my figure. In a square length(L) squared sq feet. In a rectangle it is width (W) times L sq feet. In a circle there are Pi times the radius squared
That all depends on the Wal-mart you are visiting.
1. Capture the X-Y coordinates of each point along the lot's perimeter. Walk the lot line with a GPS unit, pausing at each bend in the lot line to set a waypoint. Make certain that
Hi Wanda, According to the tax records this lot is 21,400 S.F. On the listing it says you can buy it with the lot next door that has a partially completed home on it. have a call
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