How Many Square Feet Will a Ton of Gravel Cover?


A ton of gravel will usually cover around 36 ft.2. It depends on how deep you lay the gravel. This estimate assumes that you will lay the gravel around 6 inches deep.
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Based on sand and gravel calculator found on L.R. Faulk Construction Co. site, 1 ton of gravel (clean rock) will equal approximately 7.3 sq. ft x 6 inches deep, or 5.2 sq. ft x 3
One ton should be about 0.7 cubic yards of material (about 2880 lbs per cubic yard) If you spread it 3" thick (3"4" is recommended for best weed prevention) you can
Gravel is usaly sold by the sq.yard, in that case it would depend on how thick you want to spreed it. Pea gravel(as with any gravel) is made from many types of rocks,each of different
Most suppliers will give an approximate fill capacity
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