How Many Stars Are There in Space?


It's impossible to say how many stars there are in space. The universe is constantly expanding, allowing more room for stars to form. Also, stars run out of gases and they die. Some stars are several thousand or million light years away, so their light doesn't reach us for a very long time. Because of this, some of the stars we see in the sky may already be dead. This, along with the fact that the universe is constantly expanding, makes calculating the number of stars in the sky impossible.
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There is an infinity of stars. Quite simply Billions, and Billions, some you can see with the naked eye, others you need a telescope for.
1. Choose an agency through which to dedicate the star. Name a Star Services and the International Star Registry are both reputable companies that you can use. 2. Visit the website
Although there is not a defiant answer, there are 10^22 to 10^24 st...
There are over a trillion-billion stars out in space. We have yet to see all of them.
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