How Many Steps to Top of St Pauls Cathedral?


It is no coincidence that it is 365 feet to the top of the cross on the top of the St. Paul's Cathedral dome which is the same number as days of the year. There are three galleries to climb up to in the dome. The first is the Whispering Gallery reached by 257 steps (30 meters high). It was built in 640 AD.
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In St Paul's Cathedral, to climb to Whispering Gallery is 259 steps up. Stone Gallery (the top, outside dome) is 378 steps up. report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012
Because that is the way that Sir Christopher Wren designed it.
1. Get tickets for St. Paul's Cathedral. You can purchase tickets online through the church's official website (see resources below) You can also purchase them in person at the cathedral's
1. Have a least six sheets of card board, firstly leave one for the platform, make the steps easy for a doll, toy fairy etc. 2. Now we need to make the bit were the dome fits. Curve's-...
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