How Many Stripes Did Jesus Receive?


When asking how many stripes Jesus received, people are referring to the amount of times Jesus was hit with a whip. Jesus received 39 stripes.
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The Bible does not specifically say how many lashes or stripes Jesus suffered during the process of his trial and crucifixion, (execution) however, it is assumed that he received between thirty and thirty nine lashes. These assumptions are based on both Roman and Judaic law of the time.
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the bible states 39, he also states that we are healed for his stripes, and there are 39 categories of diseases. whic means he can heal all. coincidence? no. Gods word is perfect!
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It cannot be certain how many stripes Jesus had to take on the cross, but many people believe it was 39. There are multiple scriptures that lead believers to think ...
Most biblical scholars agree that Jesus received 39 lashes. The record of lashes was recorded by the apostle Paul. ...
The Bible does not specifically state how many lashes Jesus did take, but based on common practice at the time many historians believe he received 39 lashes or ...
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