How Many Sublevels Are in Each Energy Level?


There are many sublevels in each energy level for example 1st level only has an s-orbital. The 2nd level has an s-orbital and a p-orbital , 3rd level has s-, p- and d-orbitals, 4th level has s-, p-, d- and f-orbitals, 5th level has s-, p-, d-, f- and g-orbitals and many more.
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how many sublevels are in each energy level: Step 1Periodic Table of MetalsBegin by viewing the table.
there is 1 sublevel in the first energy level. There is 2 sublevels in the second sublevel and so on. So all together there would be 3 sublevels in a hydrogen atom.
I am not sure if this is what you're looking for but I found that 1 =
The 5th principle energy level has 5 sub-levels . 5s, 5p, 5d, 5f and 5g. The number of orbitals in each sub-level are: 5s → 1. 5p → 3. 5d → 5. 5f → 7. 5g &rarr
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Energy is the force that is used to work or for movement. There are four sub-levels of energy, sharp, principle, diffuse and fine or fundamental. These levels affect the amount of energy produced to perform work.
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