How Many Sublevels Are in Each Energy Level?


There are many sublevels in each energy level for example 1st level only has an s-orbital. The 2nd level has an s-orbital and a p-orbital , 3rd level has s-, p- and d-orbitals, 4th level has s-, p-, d- and f-orbitals, 5th level has s-, p-, d-, f- and g-orbitals and many more.
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Answer Different principal energy levels have different numbers of sublevels. There are the same number of sublevels as the number of the principal energy level. The 1st level only
The second main energy level contains a 2s and 2p
how many sublevels are in each energy level: Step 1Periodic Table of MetalsBegin by viewing the table.
n=1 has 1 s sublevel. n=2 has an s and p sublevels, so there are 2. n=3 has s, p and d sublevels, so there are 3. n=4 has s, p, d, and f sublevels, so there are 4. Don't have a periodic
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Energy is the force that is used to work or for movement. There are four sub-levels of energy, sharp, principle, diffuse and fine or fundamental. These levels affect the amount of energy produced to perform work.
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